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What is Carpet Cleaning?

What is Carpet Cleaning?

Carpet Cleaning is the process of cleaning a carpet to remove dust, dirt, allergens, bugs, and more. The expected results is a cleaner, fresher carpet pile.

Types of Carpet Cleaning

There are multiple types of carpet cleaning including Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning and Dry Carpet Cleaning. The type of carpet cleaning required is dependent on many factors including the type of carpet fibre, for example synthetic fibres or natural fibres.

Hot Water Extraction (HWE) carpet cleaning, also known as steam cleaning, is the most common type of carpet cleaning in the UK. It’s a multi-step process which essentially is hoovering the carpet, using a pre-treatment spray, brushing the pre-treatment through the carpet pile, and the HWE machine to wash the carpet using water usually containing a detergent solution.

Dry carpet cleaning, also known as Very Low Moisture (VLM) carpet cleaning, is an alternative form of carpet cleaning ideal for more delicate and natural fibre carpets and rugs. It’s a process that uses limited water or no water depending on the solution and method.

Carpet Cleaning Machines

There are many brands and manufacture of carpet cleaning equipment available in the UK. Most Carpet Cleaning machines get split in to 3 categories, these are: domestic portable carpet cleaning machines, commercial portable carpet cleaning machines, and commercial truck mounted carpet cleaning machines.

Domestic portable carpet cleaning machines include machines like Rug Doctors and are useful for a quick shampooing of a carpet. This type is not consider a professional carpet clean.

Commercial portable machines include machines like Prochem Steempro Powermax. This type of machine is favoured by most carpet cleaning technicians due to it’s versatile nature being both powerful and portable.

Commercial truck mounted machines such as the Prochem Legend GT are considered the most powerful machines available. They tend to be less commonly used due to the lack of portability and requirement for running long hoses.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning is seen as a profession in the UK and many carpet cleaning technicians seek professional training from carpet cleaning equipment and chemical supply companies such as Prochem and Solution World of Clean.

Hiring Carpet Cleaners

You can hire a carpet cleaner to thoroughly deep clean your carpet. Professionally trained carpet cleaners can also treat stains and provide stain protection.

Here at Cullens Cleaning, all of our Carpet Cleaners are qualified, trained and insured professionals.