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Get Fit Spring Cleaning

Get Fit Spring Cleaning

Exercise and cleaning are probably, for most people, two things that we know we should probably do more of, and do not. Whether it a time issue, or just not finding the right routine, we often find it difficult to build either into our busy lives. Or if we do, we treat them as mutually exclusive. We can either have time to clean the house, or we will have time to go for a walk or to the gym, but not for both. At least that is what we tell ourselves.

How to Build Exercise into Spring Cleaning?

So, if you are one of those people who has trouble finding the time to get enough exercise into their day, spring cleaning with a twist might be a great way for you to get two things done at once. All you really need for this is a comfortable pair of clothes that you are able to move well in, nothing too heavy or tight because you will want to be able to perform a whole range of moves without being restricted by your clothes, or getting too overheated. If you wanted to, you could also incorporate a step counter or timer into your cleaning and exercise routine for an extra challenge.

Once you are all prepared, go about your cleaning with an exercise-oriented mind. For example, when cleaning windows, do squats to reach the bottom, and then reach as high as you can to clean the upper part of the window, and then return to a squat. Exercise and spring cleaning go hand in hand, especially when you think about the different moves you normally do to complete a task and reframe them in a more exercise driven way.

What are some ways to get more Exercise into my Spring Cleaning?

This is where that step counter comes into play. When we clean, we often pick an area or room in our homes and focus on it until all the cleaning tasks are complete and then move on. When trying to build exercise into your spring cleaning routine, think differently. For example, if each room needs to be dusted, or vacuumed, do that first in every room before moving onto the next cleaning duty. This will help you to build up your step count and keep your heart rate up. You want to be working hard enough that you feel yourself working, but still be able to carry on a conversation.

Another exercise is to try to take larger steps or even lunges when vacuuming or to carry heavy items away from your body when they need to be put away to build up resistance in your arms and give you a mini-workout. If you have a hard time lifting heavy items, like a full hamper of linen or a heavy box of books, there is an alternative for you too so that you can still get the exercise. Instead of taking one large load, take multiple smaller and more manageable loads to where they need to go. This will save you from injuring yourself or overdoing it, while still getting you to move around and keeping your heart rate up.

No matter how much time you have in your busy schedule, exercise is easy to build into your spring cleaning or everyday cleaning routine. One of the best ways to do this is to just change how you think about both. For example, if neither are activities you look forward to doing, make them more enjoyable. Put on some music and make it fun.

Think about your cleaning routine and the chores that make it up, and think about how each task can be made into more of an exercise, or how you could move differently. For example, with dusting a bookcase or china cabinet, try to dust up high and then return to a lower shelf, and then another higher. This will allow you to stretch, bend, and clean. Give it a try and you might even surprise yourself. Why not try something different that you know needs to be done anyway and that will benefit your health in the process!