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What is living in your carpet and why it needs carpet cleaning regularly?

What is living in your carpet and why it needs carpet cleaning regularly?

Having carpet in your home is one of life’s little luxuries. It keeps your feet warm in winter, reduces sound traveling through the house and works as a safe play space for the kiddies.

As comfortable as having carpets in your home can be, they can also cause headaches when it comes to spillages, general upkeep and the potential for the worst germs.

A good vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter is great for removing most dust, dander, hair and those two-week old dinner crumbs, but unfortunately this usually only helps at a surface level.

Now you may be asking why it’s necessary to give your carpets such an in-depth clean. Unfortunately due to being high traffic areas for occupants, friends, families and pets, carpets can become the home to various germs, bacteria and foreign particles. Do you really know where your dog has been rolling while out for a walk that he is now wiping all over the lounge floor? What has your toddler been playing with in the playground today that has now been transferred onto his bedroom rug? These allergens and bacteria work themselves deep into the carpets to be passed on to the next unaware person who is in contact with that carpet.

So, how do we keep the ground beneath our feet in tip-top, healthy shape?

For most carpets, the answer is hot water extraction carpet cleaning. This method uses three key elements together – hot water, chemicals, and suction – to produce the healthiest and best results.

Hot water extraction is a method that breaks up soiled areas of the carpet by injecting hot water mixed with a carpet friendly detergent onto the area at high pressure. This high pressure means hard to remove particles are given a good shove. This mixture is then powerfully sucked up, taking the dirt, grime, germs and unwanted allergens with it.

Hot water extraction carpet cleaning is key if you want less sneezing, wheezing and sniffles in your home.

More tips for reducing potential dirt and bacteria in your carpets:

  • Make your home a no shoes space or invest in slippers or ‘house shoes’ for everyone
  • Have rugs down in high traffic areas – these are much easier to pop in the wash and mean less germs and grime getting on the carpet underneath
  • Make sure you are regularly vacuuming the carpets in our home
  • Get your carpets professionally hot water extraction cleaned every 6 to 12 months

Remember, a healthy carpet makes a healthy home.