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Top Tips to Keeping Dust Under Control

Top Tips to Keeping Dust Under Control

No matter how well you clean your home, or how much time you spend wiping down surfaces around the house, dust always seems to return faster than you can get rid of it. Dust is probably one of the biggest annoyances to anyone who cleans house and is also a major source of frustration for anyone suffering from asthma or allergies. Dust is made up of the tiny particles that come from the linens, fibre materials, and even people in your home, so while there is no way to completely rid your home of dust, there are a few tips to help get it under control and better manage it.

Organize and clean your Linens and Wardrobe

Any unused bedding, or unused clothes, should be washed, dried, and then stored in plastic containers, or plastic bags, and kept somewhere until they are needed again. For example, during summer months, your heavy winter wardrobe and comforters can easily be stored out of the way in containers or bags, and this will allow them to stay clean until they are needed again, and will help prevent the fibres from becoming airborne and adding to the accumulation of dust around your house.

Vacuum your Carpets

Another place where dust likes to collect is your carpets. By vacuuming them on a regular basis, with a vacuum that has a HEPA air filter, will help to collect the dust in the machine without blowing it back into the room like many other vacuums without a good filter can do. Dust mites love to live in carpets that are not cleaned regularly, so it is good practice to vacuum your carpets in your home at least once a week to help ensure that they do not have a place to live and breed.

Regularly Wash Bedding

Bedding and comforters are another place where dust loves to accumulate. Washing your bedding and comforters on a weekly basis will help to cut down on dust in your home. Dust is made up of a large percentage of human skin cells, which naturally fall off. Comforters and bedding are a major collector of these cells so washing your bedding regularly is not just good for managing dust, but also from a health and hygiene perspective too.

Reducing Clutter

Dust loves clutter. Anywhere where there is clutter in your home, there will also be dust. By cleaning up and organizing any clutter around your home, you will reduce the surface area where dust collects and will allow yourself to better clean and wipe up any dust.

Make sure you have the Correct Dust Removal Tools

If you are still using your old feather duster, it is time to ditch it. They may look like they are doing a good job, but for the most part, all they do is kick the dust up from a surface and throw it back into the air to come right back down in a few minutes. Instead, use a damp cloth or microfiber cloth that will actually catch and trap any dust particles as you clean. When you clean, always start from the top down. For example, if you are dusting a china cabinet, start from the top shelf and then work down to the lowest. This way, any dust that falls, will fall to a dirty shelf below.

While dust can never be completely removed from your home, these few tips should help you to better manage it. If dust is something that you are really fed up with, you can also think about removing carpets from your home and switching to hardwood flooring which will help a lot, or even an air purifier with a built-in HEPA filter will help out too. No matter what you choose to do, so long as you work hard to keep dust under control, and follow these tips, you should see a dramatic decrease in the amount of visible dust on the surfaces around your home.