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Spring Cleaning vs. Everyday Cleaning

Spring Cleaning vs. Everyday Cleaning

Everyday cleaning is important. This might seem obvious, but most things that are true are. We do our everyday cleaning, often when we have the time, or the energy after a long day at work, or in our spare time on days off from work. Everyday cleaning is meant to be a way for us to reset our homes and spaces just enough so that we can live in them just long enough until it is time to clean them up again. And so the cycle continues. So what makes everyday cleaning different from spring cleaning, and why is spring cleaning so important?

Why is Spring Cleaning Important?

While we often do our best to maintain a clean home and work hard to make sure that our everyday cleaning chores are completed to the best of our abilities, they often are not as thorough as they could be, and that is why, once a year, a deep clean, or a spring clean is essential for every home. Spring cleaning is a great way for us to catch up and really give the much-needed attention to areas of our home that do not get enough attention throughout the rest of the year.

Spring cleaning is not meant to be overwhelming, and should not be seen as a dreaded time of the year for anyone looking to get a better handle on their housework. Spring cleaning is a great way to not only get more organized, and have a cleaner home, but also a way to take stock of the things we have. In doing this, it gives you a chance to look at the things you have, and to ask yourself if they are things you want to keep or maybe it is time for a few of them to be donated. Spring cleaning is a great way to clean house, not just from a cleanliness point of view, but also form a de-cluttering and organizational one too.

Why is Everyday Cleaning so Different from Spring Cleaning?

With everyday cleaning, we often try our best to make the house look clean. Wiping down counters, tidying the living room, and doing the laundry or dishes are all things that we do on a regular basis, and can be called everyday chores, or everyday cleaning. Spring cleaning takes it a step further. Spring cleaning tackles all the big cleaning tasks that we often cannot get to on a regular basis, and helps us to reset our homes, and get back on track for the year ahead.

Depending on your home, spring cleaning might involve pulling the kitchen appliances and furniture in the living room away from the walls and getting in there with a rag or vacuum, or washing window, or emptying out the linen closet. Spring cleaning will look different for everyone, depending on the family, lifestyle, and home.

The idea is to take one task, work on it until it is completed thoroughly, and move on to the next. For example, if you tackle the linen closet or pantry, take everything out, wash or dust it, clean the shelves and walls properly, and then put all the linen or pantry items back in an organized manner so that you can more easily use the space. This is a great way to also see what you have, what you need more of, and what you may want to get rid of.

Make a list of what you what to clean or tidy, and work through it like any other cleaning list. Save your list from year to year so that you can add things to it as they come up during the year. Similarly, if some of the items on your spring cleaning list are small enough, or manageable enough to incorporate into your everyday cleaning, do them more often. The idea of spring cleaning is to get things back to their best condition so that you can enjoy more of your home. Do not stress about all the projects or cleaning that need to be done. That is not what spring cleaning is about. Work on the items on your spring cleaning list as you can, and enjoy your clean home once you have knocked each item down on your list!