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Our Top Spring Cleaning Tips

Our Top Spring Cleaning Tips

It’s spring! That means it’s time for a good old spring clean of your home. To help you with spring cleaning your home, we have put together some of our top spring cleaning tips from our professional cleaners here at Cullens.

Spring Cleaning Tips

Start Planning

The best tip when starting to do a spring clean is to plan, plan, and plan again. Making sure that you tackle of those must need areas and not just the easy ones.

Your plan should start with the stuff that’s not on your usual cleaning routine.

Get Decluttering

After you’ve got your plan sorted, the next step is to start with a thorough decluttering.

Recycling or donating unwanted items from your home will make it easier to clean and may help reduce stress. Let alone help remove clutter that’s just collecting dust and could be irritating allergies.

Clean those white goods

Your household white goods one of the first things you should tackle when starting your spring clean. At least once a year you should give all your kitchen and utility appliances a thorough clean.

All those white goods can harbour mould, bacteria, and bugs that can affect the performance of your appliances, make them smell, and in some of the worse case scenarios even affect your health!

To be thorough you should clean all the filters, trays, nooks and crannies of all your white good appliances. You should also stick your washing machine and dishwasher on a clean cycle or high temperature cycle. It’s best practice to run the clean cycle on your washing machine and dishwasher once a month regular to help keep it in tip top condition.

Give your oven some TLC

Don’t forget your oven. If you don’t get your oven cleaned regularly there can be a sizeable build-up of grease and burnt on food splattered all over the inside of your oven.

When there is too much build up then smoke will be created everytime your oven is on and the food burns to carbon.

Smoke and carbon can make your oven inefficient and affect the flavour of food.

To clean your oven we recommend using an oven paste and a wire brush. Make sure you have long marigolds on too.

If you have self-cleaning walls in your oven make sure you don’t clean these as it may affect the performance of the self-cleaning function.

Use a HEPA Vacuum Cleaner

A HEPA vacuum cleaner is a much-needed tool in keeping your home clean. The filter will help reduce the spread of bugs, bacteria and dust during hoovering.

If you have pets then a HEPA filter hoover will help reduce pet dander and can help reduce pet allergy irritation.

Steam clean to be green

To reduce the number of chemicals you are using we recommend using a portable steam cleaner to help remove grease, limescale, and general dirt build up on hard surfaces.

Don’t forget those walls and windows

A good wipe down of walls will help remove any sticking dust that might be lurking on them. While cleaning your windows is a great way to make your home look sparkling clean.

Safety, safety, safety

Lastly, always take safety seriously when cleaning. Make sure you don’t walk on wet floors, leave long cables across the floor creating trip hazards, or mix cleaning chemicals which may produce harmful gases.